Penelope Bowles x Unfinished Legacy is a short looping animation created in partnership with the brand Unfinished Legacy.

Link to watch the film here.

The goal for this animation is to elevate the environment and overall shopping experience at Unfinished Legacy. By implementing artworks into the retail space as well as the brand itself, it separates the brand from others like it and makes it unique, and more appealing to customers.

Set in the city of Milwaukee, we follow the story of a girl in dreamland navigating prehistoric giant insects, a godzilla-esque skeleton of the depths, and the trippy blacklight garden from deep in your imagination; all to come together as an appreciation for our beautiful, colorful city on the lake.

This animation, a limited edition t-shirt line, as well as original artworks by Penelope Bowles will be featured at the Unfinished Legacy Flagship store from April 19 to May 19, 2024.